Shroud Twitch return reaches 500,000 viewers

Shroud returns to Twitch Tv soon after his quick-lived marriage with Mixer. On his return, the preferred streamer acquired in excess of 500,000 sights.

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek not too long ago announced that he is “coming home” to Twitch. His announcement is just one of the most awaited in the streaming field.

With his very first stream considering the fact that Mixer folded down, he is met with a massive amount of viewers. Shroud’s viewership peaked at more than 516,000 men and women.

Even with the streaming issues at the commence, Grzesiek amassed around 13,000 subscribers for the duration of his streaming session. CashApp contributed the most significant with 1,337 subs.

“At initial, I was not (nervous). But then I saw the viewers climbing and I was like, ‘I don’t should have this’,” stated Shroud.

“I’m just a dude who plays video games. I don’t have significantly creation price, I’m just below, I shoot some heads,” he included.

A highly anticipated return for the biggest streamers

DrDisrespect started streaming on YouTube recently following his Twitch ban. His return also peaked at 500,000 views.

That being said, all eyes are on Shroud and Tyler “Ninja” Bevins on where they will stream next before their announcement.

When Shroud announced his return to Twitch. It is pretty much a gold mine for him as his loyal followers will surely catch his stream on the first day.

Besides his followers, FPS games are almost synonymous with his name due to his “godlike aim.”

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Meanwhile, Ninja is returning to Twitch as well. The Fortnite streamer will be hosting The Ninja Battles event today at 12:00 PM PT. This marks his return to the platform.

Shroud and Ninja are two of the biggest names in the industry today. Thus people are always keeping an eye on their moves.

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