Lonnie Walker: NBA player reveals he was sexually abused at a youthful age

Lonnie Walker: NBA player reveals he was sexually abused at a young age

On Thursday in an Instagram write-up, Walker discovered that he was sexually abused when he was younger.

“The authentic truth as to why I commenced doing this early 5th grade, it was a cloaking product for me,” Walker explained.

“Through the summertime of my 5th quality year I was all over far more household. Some that names will be left by yourself I was around more. I was sexually harassed, raped, abused, I even acquired accustomed to it because staying at that age you do not know what is what,” Walker wrote.

He explained he “experienced a frame of mind that my hair was a thing that I can manage. My hair was what I can make and build and be mine. And it gave my self-confidence.”

Walker continued, declaring that he hasn’t been at his ideal lately and just lately started to “truly glance at myself in the mirror.”

“Extended tale limited I have identified peace and inner happiness via this journey god willingly. I forgave absolutely everyone even the people that never should have it why? Since it’s useless excess weight. Time would not wait around on anyone so why ought to I squander my time on it ?”

Walker explained shedding his hair was much more than just a haircut, contacting his hair a mask to disguise insecurities.

“Out with previous. In with the new. I have shed my skin mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually,” he wrote. “Lifetime will often be tricky. Gotta perform with the playing cards your dealt with and attempt and make a winning hand. And if you lose. It’s by no means a (decline). It is really a lesson.”

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