George Floyd monument and protests

George Floyd protests across America
Mayor Muriel Bowser speaks at a press conference in Washington, June 4. CNNE

When asked if he wanted to reduce the military presence in the nation’s capital, Mayor Muriel Bowser said today at a press conference that “we want the army; we want out-of-state troops outside of Washington, DC.”

Bowser said she was “very concerned” about how federal police expanded from the federal compound on Monday night.

He added that he is concerned that the White House may try to make the expansion of the security perimeter around the White House complex permanent. Bowser went on to say that the White House is the “people’s house” and that it would be a “sad comment” if it were completely closed to the people.

Bowser said that at no time would he support President Trump by assuming the authority of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

After visiting the protests on Wednesday and seeing the expanded perimeter that federal law enforcement officials had created, Bowser requested that DC Police Chief Peter Newsham speak to federal leaders so that the perimeter line would roll back. , since the streets of DC are under the jurisdiction of the MPD.

Newsham said he has had “multiple conversations with the federal leadership” to push federal police back to the federal compound, and said federal forces agreed. They also agreed to return Thursday morning when asked.

The chief clarified that on the streets of DC, MPD is in charge, and around federal properties, federal resources are in charge.

When asked about the confusion of some law enforcement officials who were not wearing insignia to identify what division they were in, Newsham said that all MPDs must identify themselves and that the DC National Guard uniform bears the flag of DC.

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Bowser said Maryland is part of a “compact agreement” and could request help for Maryland to send troops. As of now, the mayor said he has not requested troops from any state.

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