Michael Jordan traded the Wizards player for trash talk: Rip Hamilton

Michael Jordan traded the Wizards player for trash talk: Rip Hamilton

It is well documented that Michael Jordan used any advantage, perceived or imagined, to motivate himself as a player. As an executive, he also couldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting him.

When Jordan was president of basketball operations for the Wizards during the 2000-01 season, he sometimes practiced with the team. Jordan ended up exchanging Laron Profit because Profit spoke ill of him according to former Washington guard Richard Hamilton.

“We used to talk trash with M.J. all the time, but it was only certain things that I said. AND [Profit] sometimes I would say a little bit of extra stuff that. … I wouldn’t go there.

“I remember one time, we were playing practice, and the teacher could have shot MJ, and he was running around the court.” Yes, you can’t protect me with those old knees, “said Hamilton. in Showtime’s “All Smoke”

“M.J. was heated. It warmed up to the point that when I went to my departure meeting, [Jordan] It was like, “Your man, he got out of here.”

That offseason, Jordan handed out profits to magic.

The following year, Jordan officially returned to the court to play two more seasons, reaching the All-Star game both years. As for Profit, he never played a game for the Magic, although he did return to the Wizards in 2004. He only averaged 3.3 points in an indescribable career.

The lesson: Talk trash with Jordan at your risk. Rarely, if ever, does it turn out well.

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